May 19, 2022
Air Quality in Erie, PA

A portable AC can be a good way to cool a room in your home and remove humidity. The main benefits are that they are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and can be moved from room to room. They can be placed in any room that has a window and a nearby wall outlet. Some models have wheels, so you don’t need to pick them up to move them.

Main Components of a Portable AC

Air conditioners work by extracting heat from a room and replacing it with cool air. There are four basic components to a portable AC. There is an evaporator coil, in which refrigerant is used to cool the air. They have a condenser coil, in which hot refrigerant is cooled down. Portable ACs have a compressor. This device increases the temperature of the refrigerant so it can be condensed. They also have a fan that pulls in hot air so it can be cooled.

This is essentially the same way any other AC operates. A portable unit simply combines all the components into a free-standing unit. Our HVAC company at J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc in Erie, PA installs AC systems. Unlike a portable AC, central AC systems cool your entire home.

Single-Hose Portable AC

Single-hose portable ACs are the most popular type of these devices. They cost less than dual-hose portable ACs and are easier to install. This type of portable AC has a hose through which hot air and moisture are expelled outside. As this type of portable AC only pulls air from the room, it causes negative pressure. This causes hot air from other rooms in your home to seep in, which reduces the portable AC’s efficiency.

Dual-Hose Portable AC

Dual-hose portable ACs are more expensive than single-hose ones, but they are more efficient. With this type of portable AC, air from outside is pulled into it through a second hose. This solves the negative pressure problem.

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