June 28, 2021
AC Cleaning in Erie, PA

Cleaning your air conditioner unit is a two-part process. You’ll want to clean both the interior system and the outdoor unit. Below, we’ll discuss how you can clean the outside part of your AC unit.

Gather the Tools You Need

The right equipment and tools are essential for cleaning your AC unit safely and efficiently. For starters, you’ll need a coil cleaner. Your AC manufacturer may recommend the best cleaner to use for the job. Check the owner’s manual. You’ll also want a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush extension, a water hose with a sprayer, and some work clothes and gloves.

Disconnect the AC

Switch the thermostat to “OFF,” and then find the electrical disconnect located near the exterior wall of the unit. Open the panel and locate the switch that powers off the air conditioner. Depending on your AC model, it can be either a pullout-style switch or a circuit breaker toggle. Whichever switch style your AC comes with, make sure it’s in “OFF” mode.

Remove Debris

Put on your work gloves and pick up any large debris, including leaves, pebbles, grass clippings, and more. For smaller particles, including dirt and dust, use the vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment to clean the condenser fins. Note that the fins are pliable by nature, so you want to be very delicate when you vacuum then.

Spray It Down

You can use a water hose to spray down the exterior walls of the AC unit. This will help clear the grille siding from loose debris. You can then use the coil cleaner to dissolve any encrusted dirt surrounding the coils. Wait 10-15 minutes while the cleaner does its job, then rinse off the solution with the water hose. Always use the lowest setting on your water hose, as high water pressure can lead to coil damage.

Give Your AC a Professional Clean

Cleaning the interior portion of your AC system is an equally laborious and delicate procedure. It’s best to consult with an HVAC professional to make sure you do the job correctly. Contact J.J. Agnello Heating & Cooling in Erie, PA, today to schedule an appointment. Our team can help with heating and cooling repair, air conditioning installation, and AC maintenance.

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