May 13, 2020

There are many issues associated with having mold growing in your home. When mold becomes airborne, it can cause respiratory problems and other health issues ranging from headaches to chronic fatigue. A lot of mold can be difficult to detect, but there are ways you can see if there are mold spores circulating in the air in your house.

Where to Test

How To Test Indoor Air For Mold

Any moist place in your home could harbor mold and encourage its growth. When you’re performing a visual inspection for mold, be sure to look behind your refrigerator, beneath any stacks of cardboard, and in ventilation ducts. Any place that experienced flood damage should also be examined.

Steps for Mold Testing

You can find a mold test at many different types of stores. They usually consist of a series of petri dishes. These dishes should be opened and set out in various parts of your home for about 48 hours. If mold spores are in the air, they’ll collect in the dishes. After two days of exposure, close the dishes and let them sit in the dark for up to five days. If mold grows on the dishes, you’ll know it’s circulating in the air.

Use a Professional

Having a professional perform a mold test is the most accurate way to see if there’s mold in your residence. Professionals can also determine the type of mold that’s growing so that you can deal with it appropriately. J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc offers a wide variety of air quality services in Erie, including mold testing.

Use a Professional

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