Lennox MLA Mini-Split Heat Pump

MLA Mini-Split Heat Pump

Constant efficiency, even in extreme conditions

Advanced inverter technology ensures constant comfort and efficiency, even in extremely cold conditions. A MLA heat pump can maintain 100% capacity at 0°F and can operate at temperatures as low as -22°F.

Lennox MPB Mini-Split System

MPB Mini-Split Heat Pump

The comfort you need, anywhere you need it

A Lennox® MPB mini-split heat pump is ideal for spaces like sunrooms and add-on rooms where installing or extending ductwork isn’t practical. And with efficiency ratings of up to 24.50 SEER and 11.50 HSPF, it can keep you comfortable with exceptional efficiency. It may even make you eligible for money-saving rebates.

Lennox MHA Mini-Split Heat Pump

MHA Mini-Split Heat Pump

Dependable comfort. Minimum noise.

Silence is golden and maintained with indoor units that operate as low as 24dBA which means they are literally whisper quiet. Our outdoor units operate as low as 52dBA, or the sound of a normal conversation.

Lennox MCA Mini-Split Air Conditioner

MCA Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Always feels perfect

In addition to conserving energy, the variable-speed fan keeps temperature swings to a bare minimum, making consistent, perfect comfort possible in any room of your home.