February 17, 2023

For most homeowners, energy costs account for a significant portion of their monthly expenses. And while it’s no secret that heating and cooling both take up a large chunk of the pie regarding energy costs, many may be surprised to learn that heating often costs more than cooling. But why is this? Read on to find out.

Temperature Differences

Temperature differences play an integral role in the cost of home air conditioning and heating systems. This difference is caused by what’s known as thermal dynamics. Heating an indoor environment is more challenging because it requires raising the temperature to a comfortable level. It sometimes means that new energy must be put into a space to make it warmer.

In contrast, cooling may involve circulating indoor air or taking advantage of outdoor air temperatures. The result is that a reliable and efficient heating system that maintains good indoor comfort will typically involve higher annual costs compared to similar cooling systems.

Outside Temperature Variations

Generally speaking, exterior temperatures tend to fluctuate more during the winter than during the summer months, which means that your heater must work harder — and use more energy — when attempting to maintain indoor temperatures during cold weather spells. This also means you’ll need to use your heater more frequently throughout the winter months too, as opposed to your AC unit during summertime when outdoor temperatures are relatively stable. All these factors contribute significantly to higher energy bills during colder months.

Type of Fuel Used

Another factor in determining why heating typically costs more than cooling is the type of fuel used for each process. For instance, most homes use natural gas or oil to heat their homes, both of which tend to be more expensive than electricity, which is used for most air conditioning systems. Additionally, natural gas and oil prices can fluctuate significantly depending on supply and demand, whereas electricity prices tend to stay relatively stable over time.

Rely on the Experts

Homeowners should be aware that there are several factors contributing to why heating usually costs more than cooling — from energy efficiency ratings and types of fuel used to seasonal demand. So, it pays off to do your research before investing in either one. With these considerations in mind, you can decide what type of system works best for your home’s climate needs without breaking the bank.

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