July 28, 2021
AC Vacation Settings in Erie, PA

While it is advisable to unplug all the appliances before you proceed on your vacation, you might need to leave your air conditioner running. That is because your home still needs air conditioning to avoid severe damages due to excess humidity and heat.

Additionally, the excess humidity and heat might lead to mildew, invasive insects, mold, and fleas. Therefore, it would be best to adjust your air conditioner to help control your home humidity and temperature during vacation. The following are tips to help you determine the ideal setting for your AC system before you leave for a vacation.

Adjust Your Programmable Thermostat

Modern air conditioning systems have programmable thermostats. Before you proceed with your vacation, be sure to adjust the ideal temperature levels for your home. Additionally, it is also possible to pair your programmable thermostat with your smartphone apps.

This helps you control your home temperatures while on vacation. If you wish to update your thermostat to a programmable one, be sure to call J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc technicians to help you install one right away.

Temperature Settings

As you leave for a vacation, the recommended range for indoor should not be anything beyond 84 degrees for summer seasons. Furthermore, you can also set your air conditioner to operate at certain intervals to help you dehumidify and cool your home at a reduced cost.

Special Settings for Pets

As you plan to leave for your vacation, it would be best if you talked to your veterinarian about the best pet temperatures. Different pets require different temperature levels for them to remain healthy and comfortable as you enjoy your vacation.

Also, it is essential to have maintenance done on your air conditioner at least once a year. Annual maintenance helps you cool your home more efficiently without sudden downtime, which can worsen during a vacation.

Schedule your annual maintenance with J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc today. Our qualified technicians serve Erie, PA, and the neighboring areas. In addition, we offer various residential and commercial services, including duct cleaning, air conditioning, water heaters, and gas fireplace installation services. For more details about any of our services, be sure to call us today.

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