March 16, 2021
garage heater

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you need to hibernate or get bored indoors. You can work on your DIY projects or focus on your hobbies. However, the challenge arises when your garage that acts as your working space starts freezing as winter begins knocking at the door. Thankfully, garage heaters can solve the matter and keep the space warm throughout winter. Stay warm and cozy throughout the chilly months with these tips to keep your garage warm.

Install the Right Insulation

You can make up for the walls of your garage by insulating the ceiling. You can choose an insulation option for your garage based depending on how you plan to use the space. Consider installing blown-insulation or insulation batts between wall studs. You can use types of paneling like drywall or plywood. It’s best to use in-blown insulation if you plan to use your garage as a living area or for longer periods because it’s energy-efficient.

Improve the Flooring

Most garages have the original concrete flooring that can get extremely cold during the cold months. However, it’s necessary to change the flooring if you intend to use the garage for other purposes because concrete flooring makes heating unsuccessful. Consider wooden flooring, floor mats, or carpet tiles to keep the entire garage warm throughout winter. Alternatively, you can throw a rug to cover the concrete floor for a warm winter.

Consider Some Heating

It’s necessary to use a heater to keep your entire garage warm in the winter months. The best part is that you can choose from a couple of heating options. A direct-vent gas heater is a good heating option that you place on the ceiling or wall. However, ensure that your garage has proper ventilation because the fumes are dangerous. Mounted electric gas heaters and forced-air heating are great heating options for your garage too.

Your garage doesn’t have to be freezing during winter. You can choose the right heating option, depending on your needs. Talk to our professionals in Erie to design an option for your heating needs. We also specialize in gas logs, heating, ductless services, air conditioning, and sheet metal work. Talk to J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc for more information on how to heat your garage.

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