June 16, 2020

While both rooftop air conditioners and side-yard air conditioners cool your home, they each have different characteristics and advantages. Neither one is better than the other; instead, they just offer something different. Here’s what to know about the difference between rooftop and side-yard AC units.

Rooftop AC Advantages

A rooftop AC unit connects to your home’s duct system. It can cycle air through your home more easily than a side-yard AC unit can. They’re highly efficient as they don’t need to work as hard to draw in warm air from your home, since warm air rises. Cool air naturally descends, so they don’t have to work as hard pushing cool air into your home as well.

Rooftop AC units are usually inclusive. They are an all-in-one unit which makes maintenance and repairs easier, outside of the need to climb onto the roof. They’re made more compact than ever nowadays, so they aren’t the eyesore they once were thought of as.

Side-Yard AC Advantages

A side-yard AC unit is installed on whichever side of your home gets less direct sunlight. They, too, use your ducts to move air around your home. They tend to operate more quietly than a rooftop AC unit does. A side-yard AC system has fans on the inside and outside of your home.

Side-yard AC units are more versatile than rooftop AC units. They are more easily customized, and there are more options such as power, sizes and brands to choose from. It’s easier to find a side-yard AC unit optimally sized for your home’s size and other characteristics.

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