September 20, 2023
Hvac repairman in Erie, PA

Apart from a gentle rumble or two at the start of operation and a quiet, background hum, well-maintained HVAC systems shouldn’t make it hard to hold indoor conversations or hear the TV. If the heating and cooling equipment in your Erie, PA home has become more distracting than helpful, you need to find out why. The following are three common causes of strange HVAC noises along with tips for fixing them.

1. Screeching and Screaming: Too Much Refrigerant

If your air conditioner’s outside condenser unit is emitting a jarring, screeching, or screaming sound, it’s probably coming from the compressor. This is all the more likely if you’ve just had your air conditioner’s refrigerant recharged. When inexperienced or distracted technicians add too much refrigerant, pressure levels within compressors rise. Unfortunately, there’s no safe or effective way to fix this issue on your own. Turn your AC off instead and give us a call.

2. Hissing: Not Enough Refrigerant

If there’s a leak along your air conditioner’s refrigerant line, your AC compressor will eventually start hissing. This is the sound of air and liquid being forcefully pulled through the refrigerant lines even as an increasing amount of refrigerant is lost. As with overfilling, the only way to solve this problem is by scheduling service.

3. Rattling: Loose Components

During HVAC operation, loose components can create rattling noises. If these sounds are consistent, it might be due to parts loosely attached. If the rattling is irregular, a component may have come off completely, causing random noises. Before requesting HVAC service, check if a service door is partially open, as changes in airflow can also cause components to move.

We Can Fix HVAC Unit Noises

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