September 20, 2021
Relighting Furnace in Erie, PA

You never want to be without heat when the temperature takes a dip. Here in Pennsylvania, it can get really cold in the winter, and it’s important to have a warm home where you can stay safe and comfortable. If your furnace’s pilot light has gone out, the furnace won’t be able to generate heat. Fortunately, relighting the furnace only takes a few steps.

Here’s How to Do It

First, locate the furnace’s gas valve control knob. It’s usually located toward the bottom of the furnace. Then, find the “Reset” button. It should be in the same general area.

Turn the knob to the “Off” position and wait a few minutes. This gives any remaining gas in the chamber a chance to dissipate. If you skip this step, things could get very dangerous very quickly.

After you’ve waited a few minutes, turn the knob to the “Pilot” position. Strike a match or use a lighter. Press and hold the “Reset” button, and while it’s being held down, hold your flame next to the pilot light’s opening. The pilot light should come back on at this point. Extinguish the flame from your match or lighter and let go of the “Reset” button. Finally, turn the knob back to the “On” position.

Is Everything Working Properly?

If you have followed these steps and are still having trouble with your pilot light, it’s likely that a component is faulty. It could be one of a few different parts, so it would be best to reach out to a professional at this point. At J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, we’re available to assist people in Erie, PA, with any type of heating repair.

J.J. Agnello Heating & Air Conditioning Inc was founded back in 1952. We have a long history of service, and we’re proud to remain a family-owned and -operated business. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer able to handle all makes and models. Our team is available if you need someone to repair or maintain your heating or cooling unit. In addition, we perform installations. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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