September 15, 2022
AC Coolant Change in Erie, PA

If you own an older air conditioner, it may use R22 as a coolant, as opposed to newer models that use R410A. What’s the difference between the two? Here’s what you need to know about R22 vs. R410A coolants used in refrigeration and air conditioning.

R22, Also Known as Freon

You might know R22 by its brand name, Freon. Freon is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, a kind of chemical linked to worsening holes in the Earth’s ozone layer. Because of its undesirable side effects, R22 was phased out of the manufacturing of new AC units as of 2010.

Some air conditioners built before 2010 are still around and kicking. When these air conditioners need replacement coolant as part of repair or maintenance, R22 is no longer an option as it is no longer for sale.

Retrofitting an older unit to use a newer coolant option is possible. However, it will typically be costly and inefficient. A new unit may be expensive in the short term, but its operating cost will be smaller over the long run. Contact a licensed, reputable contractor to learn about your best options for servicing or replacing a unit that still uses R22.

R410A, the Eco-Friendly Option

R410A, the replacement for Freon, is also known by the brand name Puron. It’s not a hydrochlorofluorocarbon and won’t harm the ozone layer. R410A is more efficient than R22, absorbing and releasing heat faster.

While R22 uses mineral oil as a system lubricant, R410A uses a synthetic oil. Synthetic oil, more soluble than mineral oil, helps the AC system work more effectively. Increased heat efficiency, more effective overall function, and longer life span make R410A a superior choice to R22. As long as there’s no leak in the system, R410A shouldn’t ever need to be replaced.

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