October 20, 2022
Air Duct Cleaning in Erie, PA.

No one wants to suddenly hear noises from their furnace after it’s been off for months. Strange noises and smells often indicate something isn’t functioning as it should. Identifying the cause of the noise can give you peace of mind until you call for professional maintenance. These are the most common reasons behind whistling furnace sounds.

Clogged or Dirty Filter

A clogged filter is one of the easiest HVAC issues to fix. If your filter is left in place for too long, it impedes airflow into the furnace. This makes it harder for your heating system to produce warm air. The whistling sound comes from the air being forcefully sucked through the dirty filter. Immediately change out your filter if you hear whistling to see if that fixes the issue.

Leaky Air Ducts

Most whistling sounds coming from your furnace are made by moving air. Over the years, your ductwork will age, sag, and develop air leaks. As the warm air leaks out into your walls, it makes a whistling noise. Your ductwork may also make this sound if it isn’t properly sized to fit your furnace’s needs.

Broken Gas Valve

One of the worst issues you can face is a broken or compromised gas valve. If this part becomes damaged, it can let out gas at a high pressure. This is particularly dangerous, as it could make your home unsafe for your family. If you notice an odd smell near your furnace, immediately call for HVAC repair.

Reputable Heating and Air Company

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