August 11, 2022
Ductless Mini-Split in Erie, PA

Maybe you’ve added a room to your home, and you don’t want to extend your ductwork to it. Perhaps you want to cool your garage or another outbuilding. Whatever your situation, you’ll want to look into mini-splits as a viable option. Mini-splits are ductless heat pumps, and they cool one room rather than a whole house. At the same time, since you can hook up eight air handlers to a single compressor, mini-splits can be ideal for whole-house cooling.

No Cool Air Lost

Mini-splits can save you a lot more money in the long run when compared to traditional heat pumps. One major reason is that they won’t let any of your cool air escape. Ducts, on the other hand, can leak out air, especially if they’re not properly sealed.

Besides that, you can get feel comfortable sooner thanks to directional airflow. This feature lets you control the direction the air goes. You can have it blow right onto you rather than blow onto the walls, through which it will quickly seep out.

Variable-Speed Operation

Mini-splits are not single-speed systems; you can adjust the speed depending on how cool a room is already. Rather than shut down the system, slow its speed once it has reached the set point; this actually leads to energy efficiency because nothing uses more energy than the start-up.

A Thermostat to Every Air Handler

Besides that, every air handler has a thermostat, so you can completely shut down the air handler in a room that’s unoccupied. Compare this with ducted units, which cool every room, even the empty ones. You’ll save on your energy bill and also be able to accommodate everyone’s temperature preferences.

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